Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Back to School Night Slide Show and Quick Thoughts

If you are interested, here is the Back to School Night Presentation.

Here are some important points you can take away from the slide show:

  1. Reading Homework Log is the responsibility of the student. They need to get you to sign it. Also, it must be turned in weekly (on Friday) completed. Students should be reading a minimum of 100 minutes per week.
  2. Math: If a child forgets their math, they can get onto Pearson Realize (their username is their lastnamefirstinitialgre and their password is Dcsdlunchnumber). They can either copy it onto another piece of paper or try to print it.
  3. Quizlet is a way for students to study their words. Here is another way to study spelling: Spelling Homework Ideas
  4. We alternate between spelling and vocabulary. Spelling will start next week (September 4th)
  5. Check the blog for any updates. Make sure you bookmark our page! :)